Enterprise cyber security from a global leader backed by local expertise.

At Hal Group, we know the security of your IT environment is paramount. Through our partnership with Palo Alto Networks, the fastest growing security company in the market, we can provide you with a highly innovative and effective security platform. With solutions for every size of business, Palo Alto Networks is leading a new era in cybersecurity by protecting thousands of companies from cyber threats.  Their security platform natively integrates all key network security functions. Being natively built and having the ability to share information across disciplines, Palo Alto Networks can ensure better security than legacy firewalls, UTMs or point threat detection products.

Do you know where the threats are coming from?

We can assist you to ensure that the security environment surrounding your business applications is at the level you need to keep the dangers locked out. With options to protect you and your remote users from the hidden threats of the internet, the Palo Alto Networks security platform offers flexibility and control at an Enterprise level. With the Palo Alto Networks platform organisations can safely enable the use of all applications, maintain complete visibility and control, confidently pursue new technology initiatives like cloud and mobility, and protect the organization from cyber threats – known and unknown.

Peace of mind and value for money

We understand that cost is an important factor for your business. We can provide a cost effective solution that provides the protection you need. From one-time purchases to comprehensive 3 year, monthly billed solutions, we are confident that we have the right package at the right price.

Free Security Lifecycle Review (SLR)

A free SLR report can provide you with a comprehensive view of applications and threats exposing your organisation to business and security risks.
An expert engineer will run this report free of charge for you, providing you with:
•    Applications at a glance
•    URL Activity
•    File Transfer Analysis
•    Threats at a Glance
•    High Risk and Malicious File Types
•    Application Vulnerabilities
•    Known and Unknown Malware
•    Command and Control Analysis

Download Sample SLR Report
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