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Our most original thank you message ever

If your business has ever been hit by a ransomware attack, then you’ll understand the panic and stress that can set in.

Recently, one of our clients wasn’t quite so lucky. After a stressful day working together with the Hal team, we received a somewhat quirky message to say thank you!


I really wanted to get you bacon, cause yesterday you really saved mine.

I also really wanted to get you beer, cause you deserve a cold one after what I put you through.

Not to mention I should get you wine after you had to listen to me whinge and whine all day yesterday.

I thought I should get you cold and flu tablets, so my virus didn’t pass on to you.

So, instead of all the things I wanted to get you, I had to get this gift basket - I hope you like at least one thing in it.

Thank you so much for all of your help. You’ll never know the depths of my gratitude.

- Renita and the team at Dunsborough Pharmacy.


Apparently high-pressure situations can result in some very original thinking!

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